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Phoenix Programme

Designed exclusively for Law enforcement agencies, Military and Government agency personnel.

The Phoenix Programme

The Phoenix Program comprises of a curriculum of nine courses or modules that are taken over a twelve month time period. Modules consist of a minimum of two day classroom based training and may include pre and post distance learning requirements.

The Program has been designed exclusively for Law enforcement agencies, Military and Government agency personnel who are engaged in cyber related investigations or intelligence work.

It can be taken in one of two ways, either as a cohort of nine Sorinteq Courses, which currently priced at £4,499.00 (+VAT) makes it more cost effective than booking the courses separately.

Or the Phoenix Program can be taken as part of the first academic year of our MSc In Cyber Security and Intelligence that is delivered jointly with the WMG Cyber Security Centre at the University of Warwick. Please see here for further details.

The Phoenix Program is accredited by Warwick University, our accrediting partner. Delegates on the program will need to have completed an Advanced Open Source Course or be operating with that level of knowledge before embarking on this program of work.

The nine courses that form this program are set out as below. There is a degree of flexibility with courses on the program. If a delegate has already completed one or two of the listed courses with Sorinteq, these can be interchanged for one or more of the two-day courses from the Sorinteq catalogue.

The Program is taught to PG Certificate standards with assignments being set to complement some of the modules.

If as a delegate you wish to claim the PG Certificate formally as a qualification having completed the Phoenix Program, there are additional costs for Warwick University to administer that process.

The phoenix Programme


plus vat

12 months

Dates and Venues:
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The Phoenix Programme Curriculum

Module One
Introduction to Cyber Operations
Overview and insight into cyber based criminality.

Module Two
Orientation to Academic Studies
An understanding of academic writing and techniques.

Module Three
Fundamentals in Dark Net Investigations
An introduction to the ‘Dark Net’ and hidden communication services.

Module Four
Security in Cyber Operations
Encryption and secure communications

Module Five
Basic Hacking Skills
Remote assessment, tools and exploitation

Module Six
Hacking the Human
Remote assessment and Infiltration Techniques

Module Seven
Forensic Linguistics
Linguistic features and linguistic analysis. For the Phoenix program this is a two day online module.

Module Eight
Promiscuous Tools
Deploying promiscuous software and reviewing product from tool deployment

Module Nine
Account Access
Introduction to covert Account Access techniques. TEI powers and the IPA 2016

This exercise is set for completion within a two week time period, working in isolation using all skills taught in the program to achieve the set operational goal.

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