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Security in Cyber Operations

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The digital trail that individuals and organisations broadcast and leave traces of on a day to day basis is growing in size and complexity. This course will explore techniques to obfuscate your own digital identity and footprint and conversely be able to look for the clues left behind by others. This course has been designed exclusively for Law Enforcement, UK Government and Military personnel.

You will;

• Have a full understanding of the possible areas and steps taken that result in personal data being leaked or lost
• Create a complete covert identity during the module and understand what is left when creating accounts, navigating the internet and communicating securely across the internet
• Have the knowledge and capability so that all activity conducted on the internet in authorised intelligence gathering operations and activity is done in a secure manner
• Will have an understanding of the steps an adversary will need to go to in order to stay anonymous on-line and subsequently what aspects can be looked for where mistakes and errors are likely to have been made to provide points for further investigation to reveal the hostile actors true identity

• Overview of device security
• Overview of internet connectivity and security
• Third party company data gathering
• Account creation
• Password strength
• Two Factor authentication
• Near Field Communications weaknesses and opportunities WiFi Mac compromises
• Wearable smart technology compromises
• Tor and Tails usage
• Web site creation to support covert activity
• Web analytics supporting covert activity
• Payload delivery routes

Security in Cyber Operations
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2 days of classroom study

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