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Radio Frequency (RF) Exploitation Course

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This course is suitable for those involved in the investigation of serious and organised crime.

With the evolution of WiFi enabled devices, technology can provide a rich harvest of intelligence. People are using multiple devices that synchronise and enable both lifestyle and movement to be captured accurately and efficiently.

With the right knowledge, WiFi signals can provide an organisation with cost effective digital surveillance.

Monitoring WiFi routers and/or WiFi signals from handheld devices from fixed points can provide unique data when tracking individuals. Observing a WiFi router can identify all the devices connected wirelessly to it. Identifying Smart phones, computers, tablets and a wide spectrum of devices, including a growing number of vehicles.

Due to the limited range of WiFi signals, this gives a very accurate location for the subject at that time. Long-term deployment with relatively inexpensive equipment will help with movement pattern analysis and will identify new devices used by the subject that can provide other opportunities for an agency to exploit.

You will;

This course will give staff an overview of WiFi technologies, scanning technologies, related hardware and software. You will learn how to deploy these solutions against physical subjects and then the interpretation the data recovered. It will provide surveillance product to support intelligence gaps in a more cost effective way, and where used, complimenting other traditional techniques.

• The Radio Spectrum
• WiFi - IEEE.802.11 Technologies
• 2.4 GHz and 5GHz
• WiFi Channels, Frames and Packets
• Overview of scanning tools
• Overview Wireshark
• Network Interface cards
• Scanning for networks
• Sniffing wireless packets
• Filtering using Wireshark
• WiFi protection
• Types of Antennas
• Passive Bluetooth
• Bluetooth Tagging
• Physical deployment
• Legislation
• Making sense of it all

Radio Frequency (RF) Exploitation Course
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2 days of classroom study

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