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Law and Legislation Course

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Regardless of your role or organisation, when using the Internet as an investigative tool all our customers work within a structured authority process within a legal framework in the UK. This course has been developed at the request of a number of organisations who wanted a ground level knowledge of law and legislation for their staff who specifically conduct internet based investigations.

The course looks to assist the operator navigate the sometimes grey area of legislation, policy and case law to ensure the investigation is always legal, ethical and appropriately authorised.

You will;

• Gaining an insight into key legislation and policy, including the impact of ECHR and RIPA in relation to key elements of covert surveillance and private information
• Understanding the impact of RIPA 2000 in relation to CHIS and ‘legend building’. The importance of Section 3 CPIA 1996
• Gain an understanding of TACT/PACE, Civil Orders and proportionality and explore the parameters of Public Interest Immunity
• Understanding Targeting Equipment Interference (TEI) IPA legislation. Account access and related warrants
• An in-depth understanding of the court process, producing evidential product, points to prove, delivering evidence and cross-examination

• Section 3 CPIA 1996
• Agent Provocateur
• Civil Orders and proportionality
• Public Interest Immunity
• TEI (IPA 2016) and Account Access
• AO’s and CABs perspective
• Evidential Product
• Points to Prove
• Delivering evidence
• Cross-examination

Law and Legislation Course
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2 days of classroom study

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