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Introduction to Forensic Linguistics

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The one true constant in every cyber based investigation is the written word. Whether it is communication from the offenders or subject or even just their chosen username, each textual element can tell us something about the author and ultimately support kinetic activity against that person. Reviewing the subject of forensic linguistics ten years ago we recognised the importance of this field of science and its potential positive impact on cyber investigations. Whether it’s recognising the nationality, geographical location or even multiple accounts controlled by the same offender, forensic linguistics can help with your internet based investigations.

This course has been developed for law enforcement, UK Government and Military personnel working in the investigative and intelligence arenas. The course has been written and is led by Dr Ria Perkins from The Institute of Forensic Linguistics, Aston University.

This course is an intensive introduction to using forensic linguistics. This module will give you a basic understanding of Forensic Linguistics, how it can be used in covert operations and its potential to aid cases and investigations. On completion of the course, you will be able to recognise potential linguistic features and perform simple linguistic analysis.

The course aims to introduce students to Forensic Linguistics, with a specific focus on written and computer mediated communication. Through a series of talks and more practical exercises, attendees will learn to identify when and how forensic linguists can be of use to law enforcement and investigative situations.

You will;

• Have a basic knowledge of forensic linguistics
• Understand when and how forensic linguistics can assist in forensic and investigative situation.
• Be able to identify potential linguistic features
• Be able to perform basic linguistic analysis

• Introduction to Forensic Linguistics
• Sociolinguistic profiling and recognising features
• Native Language Identification
• Case work and application
• Assuming Identities Online and Police speak
• Authorship matching and authorship attribution
• Practical Exercises

Introduction to Forensic Linguistics
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2 days of classroom study or delivered as a 2 day online module.

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