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Intermediate i3 Investigations

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Internet Intelligence & Investigation (I3) enables the user to harvest a rich source of accurate and timely data left by individuals within the digital connected world.

The fusion of OSINT with existing conventional methods of intelligence gathering provides the investigator with a formidable tool.

This course is for staff who work in law enforcement within intelligence or investigative roles.

Due to the level of intrusion, the requirement of covert support and the duration of investigations expected from advanced open source operatives, there is an expectation of an increased likelihood that the threshold for Regulation of Investigatory Powers (RIPA) authorisation will be met.

Relevant and associated legislation and oversight will be discussed in detail.

You will;

• Be able to conduct advanced research and investigative techniques.
• You will be able to recognise the requirement for legal authorities.
• Have an understanding of legal, ethical and moral expectations, building on the foundation of public trust and understand legislative limits.
• Be able to maintain the integrity and security of Internet-based accounts.
• Be proficient in the recovery and preparation of Internet product to an evidential standard and deal with product validation.
• Have an understanding of available software to assist in your cyber-based investigation.
• Gain an understanding of how search engines aggregate the surface web and what search techniques can be utilised to penetrate the deep web.
• Be able to Investigate social media platforms with a greater understanding and ability to recover product not identifiable using simple search techniques.
• Have an overview and understanding of TOR, its applications and hidden services and marketplaces.
• Have an overview and understanding of cryptographic currencies and available software to assist in the investigations.
• Have the ability to conduct image analysis techniques to enhance the intelligence picture.

• Legislation
• Deep Web searching
• Advanced searching techniques
• Social Media
• Security issues
• Intelligence support including Product Validation
• Evidence preparation and disclosure
• Account access with permission
• Image content analysis
• Overview of TOR
• Overview of Crypto Currencies

Intermediate i3 Investigations
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5 days classroom based or can be ran virtually where required

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