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Intermediate Digital Humint Tactics

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This course is for operators who are engaged in advanced Digital Humint activity where interactions with cyber actors are commonplace. The course is for both operators and staff employed in support roles in this field of I3 activity.

You will;

• Understand the requirement for legend building in Digital Humint activity
• Be proficient in the development of covert legends to support a range of identities in various commodity based operations
• Understand the necessary legend and identity requirements when targeting specific cyber Actors
• Targeting cyber actors in CSEA, cyber terrorism, including, domestic and International counter Terrorism, Cyber dependent crime actors
• Dealing with common issues in Digital Humint Investigations
• Recovery of relationship breakdowns in Humint
• Understanding Identity matching and techniques

• Legend Building
• Considerations of legend content
• Findings from Academic research
• Personality disorders
• Types of offenders and considerations including: CSE offenders, CT targets, (ICT XRW, XLW) and Cyber dependent offenders
• Review of chat logs with students suggesting follow up
• Dealing with common issues including: Sexual compromise / introduction and knowledge challenge
• Engagement exercises including: Male V Male, Male V Female and Female v Female
• Personality disorders
• Recovery of relationship when subject offended, angry or annoyed

Intermediate Digital Humint Tactics
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2 days classroom study

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