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Hacking the Human

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The course is aimed at any staff working in the area of serious and organised crime or counter-terrorism.

Hacking the Human (sometimes described as Social Engineering) is the understanding of human behaviour. How humans think, behave and respond. knowledge used in the art of manipulation. These skills can have benefits when investigating serious and organised crime and CT.

Whilst technology can be safeguarded the human is invariably the weakest link.

This course takes students who have attended an Internet Investigation course and are practitioners in the Covert Cyber Investigation field to a level of knowledge to enable them to assess networks to identify suitable attack vectors for social engineering approaches, then conduct a successful attack using proven social engineering skills.

Students will be proficient in assessing a target and performing a rudimentary personality assessment of the target. Once the assessment is conducted students will then be able to perform a social engineering approach to launch an attack, be that an infiltration or delivery of promiscuous software.

You will;

• Perform a remote assessment of a subject
• Perform a personality assessment of the subject, in order to determine the most appropriate initial engagement
• Conduct an assessment of an individual or group’s online presence to determine a suitable attack vector
• Perform a successful infiltration of a group/individual/network using the skills taught
• Identify key elements of a subject’s on-line footprint and personality that can be used to achieve a successful delivery of promiscuous payloads.
• Conduct all of the social engineering steps with full oversight and awareness of appropriate legislation, such as the European Convention on Human Rights Article 8 – Right to Privacy and Family Life.
• Conduct higher-level influence tactics against individuals or groups to achieve the operational aim.

• Overview of legislation relevant to Hacking the Human
• Subject surveillance
• Subject assessment
• Personality assessment
• Development of legends
• Route planning
• Initial pitch and engagement
• Payload delivery routes

Hacking the Human
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2 days classroom study

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