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Fundamentals in Promiscuous Tools

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Hackers of all types use a significant array of tools and techniques to achieve their aims – from the script kiddie using a RAT (Remote Access Trojan) bought on the Internet, to the organised criminal group’s ransomware campaign to a foreign nation state’s probing of our critical National infrastructure. The variety of payloads and software used by hackers is vast, complex and quickly evolving.

The course has been developed for Law Enforcement, UK Government and Military personnel who are adapting to combat the dramatic increase in Cyber Enabled and Cyber Dependant criminality and wider threats to the UK. As staff, you may be responsible for combating these threats, but you may also be expected to leverage some of the same techniques and tools in order to pro-actively impact on theses threats.

The course will also greatly benefit those dealing with technical security teams, who need to have a comprehensive technical understanding of Information Security.

A prerequisite for this course is the attendance of the Sorinteq - Fundamentals in Basic Hacking.

You will;

• Understand how to create and use a basic information security lab environment and be aware of some of the design and security considerations around lab systems.
• Be aware of a variety of hostile actor types and understand the different motivations which drive them.
• Have hands-on experience with some common hacking tools and environments.
• Gain the skills necessary to experiment with new software in a secure environment.
• Understand the differences between malware families such as RATs, Exploitkits, Ransomware, Rootkits and DDoS agents.
• Have an introduction to some of the more unusual applications of malicious and promiscuous software including Stuxnet and VPNFilter.

• Introduction to threat actors
• Setting up and Installing a Virtual Machine
• Essential Tools and Snapshotting
• Outline of payload types
• Attack surface and delivery vectors
• Client-side attacks, Trojans, Browser Exploits, Internet of Things, Hacker Agents
• Meterpreter, Empire, Cobolt Strike
• Spyware and information harvesting
• Utility Malware
• Shellcode and exploits
• Cryptominers, Rootkits, Botnets, VPN Filter
• Lo-jacks and Network Investigative Techniques
• All learning is complemented by continuous Lab Exercises.

Fundamentals in Promiscuous Tools
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2 days of classroom study

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