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Fundamentals in Digital Humint

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This course is for operators who are engaged in Humint activity utilising the internet and associated platforms to conduct their operational activity. The course is for both operators and staff employed in support roles in this field of I3 activity.

You will;

• Be proficient in conducting a remote assessment of the cyber actor
• Understand what opportunities are presented from your remote assessment, in regards to Humint activity
• Understand the common personality types and disorders
• Be proficient in the recognition of common personality disorders that are encountered with cyber based actors
• Understand and be able to demonstrate dealing with common personality disorder when deployed covertly in digital Humint activity

• Assessment of self
• Remote assessment of cyber actor
• Introduction to personality types and disorders
• Overview of prison population and high incidence of personality disorders
• Recognition and dealing with issues of;
• Autism
• Psychopathy
• Borderline personality disorder
• Avoidant

Fundamentals in Digital Humint
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2 days classroom study

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