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Fundamentals in Dark Net Investigations

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The use of Dark Markets to purchase illegal commodities, including, drugs, firearms, counterfeit documentation and stolen financial information, amongst many other crime types, is growing at an exponential rate.

This growth is due to factors such as perceived anonymity, ease of access and increased commercialisation of pseudo-anonymous cryptographic payment mechanisms

This course has been designed exclusively for Law Enforcement, UK Government and Military personnel who are tasked to investigate the Darknet and associated technologies and platforms.

You will;

• Be able to access and navigate the “Dark Net” in a safe manner, which allows for effective and efficient investigation.
• Be able to recover Darknet based product for evidential and intelligence development purposes.
• Review current “Dark Net” intelligence tools.
• Have a full understanding of the Law and Governance in relation to investigations into the “Dark Net”
• A review of case files where Darknet attribution can be shown leading to real world identities

• Dark Net platforms and marketplaces and the importance of forums.
• Navigating the Dark Net and parallel sourcing.
• Darknet attribution crime case study
• Gathering actionable intelligence.
• Review of Dark Net Intelligence Tools
• Review of Darknet hidden communication services
• Law and Governance
• Recap and Assessment

Fundamentals in Dark Net Investigations
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2 days of classroom study or can be ran virtually where required

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