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Advanced Website Architecture Course

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This course has been designed as a result of a bespoke request from a national team combating terrorist web sites and related infrastructure. Following the design and delivery of the course and the subsequent overwhelming positive feedback, it was felt that this course should be offered to staff operating in all areas of Government who have cause to investigate websites to a high level of technical competence.

The training enables an investigator to understand the mechanics of websites, it’s languages, how and where they are hosted. Giving them the knowledge and skills to investigate this medium using a structured process to get the most from every investigation.

You will;

• Understand the function of the internet at a technical level.
• Know and use technical terminology & understand technical paradigms.
• Build a website from scratch using modern techniques and approaches.
• Interact with a remote API and handle the results.
• Attack a website at a technical level and interpret the results.
• Find hidden messages in websites and computer artefacts.
• Launder your trace on the internet.
• Be able to maintain the integrity and security of internet based accounts.
• Be proficient in the recovery and preparation of internet product to an
evidential standard.
• Have an understanding of available software to assist in your cyber based
• Gain understanding of how search engines aggregate the surface web and
what search techniques can be utilised to penetrate the deep web.
• Be able to Investigate social media platforms with a greater understanding and
ability to recover product not identifiable using simple search techniques.
• Have an overview and understanding of TOR, its applications and hidden
services and marketplaces.
• Have an overview and understanding of cryptographic currencies and
available software to assist in the investigations.
• Have the ability to conduct image analysis techniques to enhance the
intelligence picture.

1. Improving Technical Credibility. (Technical understanding / Using your browser as a tool)
• How the internet actually works.
• Web-servers and the structure of a website.
• How the browser renders HTML.
• Browser developer tools.
• Syntax / Coding standards & technical credibility.

2. Software development & web programming. (Website architecture / development and API’s)
• CSS3
• Javascript
• What is an API?
• Using templates.
• Practical use of a CMS.

3. Advanced website interrogation & obfuscation techniques (Hidden links / steganography / tracing web-hosts & advanced elements.)
• Practical Website interrogation.
• Tracing hosts with Tracert and Whois.
• Linux 101
• recon-ng / nikto / dirbuster.
• Steganography in web content.
• Exiftool for windows and Website Analytics.
• Technical obfuscation.
• Exercise.

Advanced Website Architecture Course
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5 days of classroom study

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