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Advanced i3 Investigations

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As Internet Intelligence & Investigation (I3) skills and techniques develop, it has become apparent that operators active in the advanced levels of this covert activity now need to be able to understand coding and how basic coding skills can enhance and develop their I3 skills. Sorinteq has worked with experts in a number of areas to develop an innovative suite of training techniques for investigators.

This course is for experienced I3 operators who are looking for the next stage of their knowledge and development.

You will;

• Develop basic coding skills
• Learn how to develop and enhance intelligence from product gathered in on-line investigations
• Become confident operating in a virtual environment
• Learn how to investigate encrypted messenger apps
• Use enhanced techniques to investigate, images, audio files captured video files

• Pre-course study introduction to coding basics
• Anonymity in I3 activity
• Building your advanced OSINT platform
• Optimising your browser for I3 investigations
• Operating in virtual OS
• Advanced Social Media investigations
• Investigating encrypted messenger Apps
• Product Enhancement
• Image Forensic techniques
• Covert image development to support I3 investigations
• Identification of image manipulation
• Investigation audio files
• Investigating video product
• Web site investigations
• Meta data left by developers
• Domain Investigations
• Server log file investigations
• Log file analysis
• Code based search tools to enhance your I3 investigations

Open Source
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7 days - 2 days Virtual, 5 days of classroom study or can be ran virtually where required

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