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Advanced Digital Media Investigators (DMI)

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This is an advanced DMI course for staff who are active in the role and have previously attended the College of Policing DMI course and related WiFi courses.

The course has been designed as first or second year CPD for DMIs developing their applied knowledge to assist in complex investigations.

This course provides the latest overview of current technologies that can be drawn together to provide a digital profile of a subject(s) or of a crime scene.

The course will also give staff the opportunity be able to identify and understand the benefit of other relevant specialist courses from our current portfolio, for staff who seek to enhance their knowledge as they progress in their DMI career.

You will;

Students who successfully complete this training will be proficient or have a
greater understanding in the following areas;

• Legislation in internet investigations including TEI and IPA warrants.
• Advanced architecture of the Internet
• Advanced i3 techniques, tracking and tracing and digital tradecraft
• Understanding and investigating the Darknet & TOR – tools and techniques
• Fundamental digital forensic techniques and digital crime scene management
• In depth knowledge of cell mast data, its interpretation and decision making for requesting and use of data from mast dumps’
• Router analysis and connected devices
• Telematics
• IoT in the home
• Cell site interpretation
• Mobile App data

• Legislation in internet investigations, including review of IPA 2016, (TI/TEI)
• DMI Strategy logs and how to write them
• Tracing the internet offender
• Advanced architecture of the internet
• Advanced I3 tips and tricks
• Digital tradecraft – staying safe on-line
• Digital tradecraft – common errors of internet offenders and how we can exploit them to further your investigation
• Introduction to Darknet
• Anatomy of the Darknet
• Tor – overview and practical session
• Accessing Tor through mobile Apps
• I2P - overview and practical session
• Freenet - overview and practical session
• Case study of investigating darknet offenders
• Overview of how digital devices save data
• Introduction to fundamental digital forensic techniques
• First responder at the digital crime scene
• Understanding cell mast data
• Interpretation of cell data
• Using Mast dumps to further your investigation – when and when not to request data
• Interpretation of routers as the scene
• Identifying hidden devices from your router examination
• Common issues encountered as a DMI
• Telematics
• IoT in the home
• Cell site interpretation
• App data
• Murder scene exercise

Advanced Digital Media Investigators (DMI)
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5 days of classroom study

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