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Advanced Digital Humint Activity

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This course for staff members who are active in the running, planning and management of Digital Humint activity, in particular, but not limited to cover officers.

You will;

• Be proficient in obtaining a baseline of your staff
• Understand the importance of record-keeping
• Be proficient in staff selection
• Be proficient in the recognition of issues in staff
• Understand the role of the Authorising officer in digital Humint activity
• Be proficient in decision making and risk management
• Be proficient in compiling policy books and entries

• Managing Roleplayer staff
• Cover officer notes
• Getting a baseline of your staff
• Importance of record-keeping
• Selecting your staff
• Security, identity management, code of conduct
• Recognition of issues in roleplayers
• Role of the Authorising officer and applicant
• Decision making and risk management
• Policy books and entries
• Exercise of cover officers in scenario to test thought process/record keeping and management of roleplayers
• Debrief of staff

Advanced Digital Humint Activity
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2 days classroom study

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