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Account Access Course

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This course is aimed specifically at those investigators and operatives who are engaged in investigation and intelligence gathering against individuals whose criminality is cyber enabled or cyber dependant, where emails and messaging services are critical to the intelligence/evidential case.

In order to target the data within personal accounts, it is important to understand the way in which both overt investigations under statutory powers are conducted, by digital forensic teams for example, as well as covert access within the terms of a warrant for Targeted Equipment Interference (TEI) mandated by the Investigatory Powers Act 2016.

The course has been developed to equip investigators with the latest legal advice and guidance within this most sensitive area of intelligence gathering. From the planning stage, to authorities and then understanding both the necessary tradecraft and processes in order to facilitate access to those targeted accounts in either an overt or covert manner. Then the management of this sensitive product within an organisation.

You will;

• Knowledge and understanding of the relevant areas of legislation including RIPA and the new legislative points relating to the Investigatory Powers Act 2016
• Complete risk analysis in relation to operational objectives
• Understand both overt and covert methodologies in relation to account access
• Examine and mitigate the risk of “Two Factor Authentication” (2FA) including security challenges and browser spoofing
• Build a working understanding of “best practice” to provide best intelligence/evidence from sources such as email clients to social media accounts

• Legislation and understanding of the IPA 2016, including TI/TEI and a review of IPCO
• Best practice methodologies and strategy in relation to overt and covert account access
• Practical exercises
• Review of 2FA within account access scenarios
• Review of account access software, strengths and weaknesses to the investigator
• Student exercise to cement course learning points

Account Access Course
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2 days of classroom study

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